Home of DigiWriMo

Digital Writing Month was held in November 2012. While the event will not be hosted officially during 2013, all material from 2012 remains available. Visit our new site read{make} for a shorter experiment in November 2013, and if the outcry is loud enough, DigiWriMo may return in future years.

How Does One DigiWriMo?

  1. There are no discussion forums anywhere! Because digital writing takes place everywhere on the web, so will our discussions. Plan to join our Twitter chats using #digiwrimo, head over to our Facebook page, and post plenty of comments on any and all DigiWriMo-related blog posts (here and everywhere). Virality is the best form of dialogue!
  2. Not all digital writing has to be public. But, if you want to share your work with others, do so by posting it on our Facebook page, on Twitter using #digiwrimo, or tag your blog posts with “digiwrimo”. That way, you’ll have all the audience you deserve for your grueling hours of digital brilliance. We’ll be curating content created on the web via the #digiwrimo Scoop.it topic.
  3. Check the calendar! All the Digital Writing Month events (including not-to-be-missed guest blog posts) are posted there. There were also weekly discussions and writing exercises all month long and a live event, the Night of Writing Digitally!
  4. There are no secrets to doing DigiWriMo, no right way and no wrong way to do it. Some people may write a novel using their computer and call it a day; while others may write hundreds of Twitter haiku. The key to success is your imagination and your love of experimentation, exploration, and fun.