You, 99 Others, Digi the Duck… and Doughnuts

What do you and 99 other DigiWriters have in common? Well, other than the toils and hardships of making 50,000 new words appear out of the ether, you all have the opportunity to join Digi the Duck and the entire creative team behind DigiWriMo for a spectaculendous, marvarific, super-inspiring, all-ages live event in Portland, OR: The Night of Writing Digitally!

For one night only — November 17th from 6PM to midnight — Marylhurst University and the English and Digital Humanities degree program will host an event of delicious proportions!

 Throughout the evening, we’ll not only provide all the sustenance you could ask for — fresh, catered food, gallons of coffee and tea, a table weighed down with word-inspiring candy, and Portland’s world-famous Voodoo Doughnuts — but you’ll be treated to special writing challenges and motivational speeches. What’s more, you’ll get to meet DigiWriters of all ages and walks of life with whom you can collaborate, commiserate, and celebrate.

Why hold a live event?

  1. It’s fun.
  2. People can learn and collaborate better in a face-to-face environment. Despite being a month of digital writing, we believe people should get together now and then, discuss, tell jokes, cast sidelong glances, and more.
  3. During the Night of Writing Digitally, we’ll be able to push our digital writing to new heights. Think of it as a gigantic LAN party for words!
  4. It’s fun. Especially with doughnuts.

There’s only one problem: only 100 people total can attend. And seats are already filling fast.

Think of it: a night of writing, collaborating, eating, and getting swallowed whole by a community of writers! If you’re anywhere along the Seattle-Portland-Ashland corridor, showing up is pretty much the only logical option. Head over to the Night of Writing Digitally to register. And if you have any questions, send them to @slamteacher on Twitter.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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