Digital Writing Prompt: Revealing the Play, not the Polish

Typewriter hammersFor this challenge, we’re getting vulnerable.

When working in the familiar medium of text, many of us are used to having our not-quite-finished work reviewed by others to help the process of editing and revision. While it can be intimidating or revealing to hand over imperfect material to someone else, we do it with the expectation of improvement.

The same can’t be said for video or audio. There’s an expectation of polish with those media that makes print look down-right forgiving. Why don’t we hear more about audio projects being shared for peer review or incomplete videos being shared from person to person?

This week’s challenge is less about doing something completely; it’s more about revealing something we don’t usually show: the mess of creation, the sandbox in which we each play. It’s early enough in the month that your project is still pretty messy. Perfect. Share something that is clearly, deliberately in-progress, then say what’s in-progress-y about it.

  1. Upload your current work in its current form. It’s not finished, and that’s perfect.
  2. Tweet a link to your work. Be sure to use the #digiwrimo hashtag.
  3. You may also want to tweet about how it feels to publicize something that’s still unfinished. Talk about the unfinished nature of your work: What would you like to get from reviewers? What makes this vulnerability awkward or scary?

[Photo, “in a name“, by Fio licensed under CC BY-NA 2.0.]

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