Message in a Bottle Prompt

Close up of black dogOver the next several days, much of the nation will be gripped in a polar vortex. Flights will be cancelled. Snow will pile up; bitter cold and ice storms will wreak havoc. Loved ones will be stuck inside. There’s no better time to practice sending messages — of humor, support, wisdom, frankness, or love. And there’s no better way to send those messages than through the digital tools at our fingertips.

This weekend, November 15th and 16th, your challenge is to create unique audio messages that you can or would broadcast. Use Soundcloud or another recording app. Or push even further using Highlight (for iPhone and iPad) to annotate your audio messages with text and image. Record spontaneously, script yourself, sing a song, read a favorite poem… Choose whatever sort of message you want to send, and who you’re going to send it to.

Maybe you’ll send…

  • a love note to a long-lost love;
  • a spot of wisdom to your great-grandchildren;
  • a reflection on your life now, addressed to your younger (or older) self;
  • a favorite song to an alien life form you’ve not yet met;
  • a shout-out to a favorite celebrity;
  • an ode of thanks to your ancestors who got you this far.

But don’t just send one. Send many. Send five. Send seven. Send eleven. Send them all weekend long, as many as you can muster. And tweet links to your recordings using #digiwrimo, so we can carry your message to the far corners of the earth, the seven seas, the cosmos. Put your message in a little Twitter bottle and set it on its way.

And don’t forget to join the #digiwrimo chat on Saturday at 6PM UTC / 1PM EST so we can check in on your work this month, your message-in-a-bottle challenge, and more.

[Photo, “Max”, by Fio used with permission.]

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