Let’s Launch #DigiWriMo – Your Month, Your Goals

Welcome to Digital Writing Month 2015, which we hope will be an adventure in digital writing. We hope you enjoy the month, a week, a post, an activity, or even just a tweet. Set your own path and allow your goals to emerge as you find daily inspiration from other participants and our guest contributors.

Photo: Deep Creek Autumn Path by Nicolas Raymond under CC-BY 2.0 license https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/82955120@N05/15899694705/sizes/l/

Photo: Deep Creek Autumn Path by Nicolas Raymond under CC-BY 2.0 license

It’s November 1st! (ok, so the day began earlier in Australia and China; still hasn’t begun in America or Brazil but we’re getting there! Which is why our introductions won’t be synchronous.)

Here are a couple of pathways into #DigiWriMo – pick whatever captures your imagination.

Slowchat about #DigiWriMo
Use the #DigiWriMo hashtag to tweet about your hopes for the month, or the challenges you face in your writing, or any interesting thoughts or questions you have about #DigiWriMo – and/or respond to others’ tweets. Easiest way to follow the tweets is to have a column for #DigiWriMo on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite (worth a try if you’re new to these). If you’re not on Twitter, you could post your thoughts on the roster Google Doc.

Unofficial CV Introductions #altcv
We kinda cheated – we posted this activity prompt a couple of days ago (to introduce yourself using what you value about yourself rather than what is traditionally counted on CVs, and to use whatever media you prefer). We posted it early so you could take time to think about and prepare this throughout the first week (add yours to the hackpad and see others’ – it’s editable). Tag your post #altcv and tweet it. If you’re not on Twitter, post a link in the comments here, on Googe plus or Facebook, or add a link beside your name on the roster.

Collaborative Story
This idea was suggested by participant @Brunowinck on Twitter. It is built on the model of the Exquisite Corpse, where one person writes part of a story and passes it along to the next person. This version will use individual blogs to move the story around the world. There is already a Google Doc where people have signed up to write this story collaboratively. This could take 2 days or all month – it’s up to you!

And if you’re not ready to participate yet, feel free to watch and appreciate what others are doing. Comments, faves and retweets can go a long way to support other writers.

What else is happening this week?
We have guest posts by Sherri Spelic, Yin Wah Kreher, Rusul AlRubail, Keith Hamon and Kate Bowles coming your way for daily inspiration about digital writing, audience, identity, collaboration and more. These will come out the morning of the author’s timezone, you’ll find posts from Austria, Singapore, Canada, USA and Australia, respectively. We also look forward to contributions by YOU. Whether you’re inspired by one of our guest contributors, one of our activities, or something else entirely – we hope you’ll share.

We are also merging with the #DigPed Twitter chat on Friday November 6 at noon ET to discuss digital writing. The chat announcement will be out on Hybrid Pedagogy sometime during the week.

(Photo: Deep Creek Autumn Path by Nicolas Raymond under CC-BY 2.0 license)

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