2 Days. One Novel. 100s of Writers.

“Books are the best of things, well used; abused, among the worst.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In November 2013, writers from all over the world participated in the Digital Writing Makerthon, a unique artistic, multimedia attempt to make a text that is more than a text — what we called a “makertext.” Hundreds of collaborators worked together to tell a single story using words, sound, video, hyperlinks, code, tweets, and more, in just 48 hours.

We began Friday, November 15 at 11:59pm EST and ended November 17 at 11:59pm EST.

Digital Writing Makerthon Formula

Concept: A text-image-sound hypertext novel written in 48 hours by multiple authors. More than a simple text novel, this makertext includes all forms of digital media: text, video, audio, animation, graphics, tweets, computer code, etc. As well, the novel exists in multiple places at once. While the narrative is primarily housed in one document, hyperlinks lead readers willy-nilly across the landscape of the Internet. Continue reading