Curations & Collaborations

This is an emergent page to help everyone keep track of any

  1. Curation work being done throughout #DigiWriMo
  2. Collaborations initiated by participants throughout the month

Let us know if you’ve curated something or started a collaboration and we’ll add it in here. You can also contribute resources at the resources page – it’s an open Google doc


  1. #AltCV contributions hackpad (editable)
  2. Flipboard for all contributions (curated by @dogtrax)
  3. Padlet of inspirational quotes (collaborative)


  1. Collaborative story, started by Bruno Winck – Google Doc (editable)  Google map
  2. Collaborative writing, suggested by Aaron Davis – Google Doc (editable)
  3. Roadtrip, suggested by Simon Ensor and his students – Blog post and Google Doc (editable)
  4. Wendy Taleo #6WordStory: The Poem then Music and Reading and the Storify to explain it a bit.