Looking for a place to get started with your Digital Writing Month project? Want to connect with collaborators, editors, and the rest of the DigiWriMo community? This document is the best place to start. (Note: If you have trouble seeing or loading the document on this site, you can also find it here.)

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  2. My Twitter handle is jlockewoJohn. I am a PhD candidate at a Union Institute, and I am currently working on my dissertation proposal. I am a digital illustrator and a writer. Most recently, I have been researching the scholarly component of my dissertation at the expense of progressing on the creative component, which is a sequel to Thomas More’s Utopia. Utopia Revisited resumes the tale in the Tower of London as More awaits his execution. His friend Peter Giles pays him a visit and the two reminisce about the island of Utopia as described by the philosopher-sailor Raphael Hythloday. Giles promises More he will find Hythloday and return to Utopia to learn more about this “best governed society,” and return to enlighten Europe with respect to the potential of the Utopian system.

    My goal is to kick start the story, which has been on hold for months. I hope to use the Digiwrimo community as a venue for workshopping my writing.

  3. I am an art therapist attempting to collect the bits of my creative pursuits (painting, poetry, sculpture, playing trumpet, making messes) together so I can see what happens. I am in Madison, Wi and would love to find a community so I can essentially soak up the creative vibes and imbibe ridiculous amounts of caffeine while obsessively rewriting until I find the perfect adjective. I’m particularly interested in combining words and images, aesthetics as experience, and the intersection of anxiety and creative media (words, images, etc). Oh and you should know that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing–but that’s pretty much par for the course.

    • Hi Laura,
      I join you in the state of “not knowing” and I say, let’s embrace and celebrate it! Welcome to the club which is always far larger than most would admit. I look forward to your input! – Sherri

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  6. I am the District Technology Facilitator for the Mexico Public Schools District in Mexico, MO. I am presenting a workshop to Middle School & High School teachers on bringing digital tools into the ELA classroom. Would this be appropriate for student writers?

  7. You can find me on Twitter as @comprof1. I’m using digital writing month as a part of my computer mediated communication class. So I hope you will be seeing many of my students’ profiles as I want them to receive feedback from outside the classroom. I think there is not enough focus on digital writing for communication majors, especially since so many of my former students do it for a profession. I want my students to create a digital portfolio they can use when they graduate.

    I hope during the month to model good digital writing practices, creating my own digital portfolio, writing for different audiences. It would be helpful to have suggestions about the different types of digital writing a professional needs to know.

  8. Jody Becker: I am a graduate student chipping away at a Master’s of Science in Education. My true passions are teaching, learning, biology, physics, and earth systems science. I enjoy isolated nature, hiking into the unknown, gardening and art. I am not a digital native, although I am slowly navigating my way through these woods and hope to find a path, somewhere. You can find me on Twitter at @JBecker007 or visit my blog at I do not have a planned umbrella project other than creating educational tools in the earth science realm. I am slowly creating materials for my graduation portfolio even though I still do not know what I want to “be” when I grow up. I always appreciate feedback and suggestions and look forward to participating in Digital Writing Month.

  9. I work as a PBL coach. I also facilitate an out-of-school group where secondary students use PBL to study history. They culminate their year as competitors in National History Day ( My Twitter handle is @inspirepassion, and my blog is found at

    My confidence as a writer was severely squashed in high school by a composition teacher who focused on mechanics and cared not one whit about the story aspects. Much of my voice as a writer was developed through writing-centered college courses that I took in the mid-2000’s.

    My foray into MOOCs, particularly DLMOOC and CLMOOC (and its spin-offs) led to the blogging I now do. It is often sporadic, because of other demands on my time.

    Participation in CLMOOC, as well as DigiWriMo, provides a good excuse to learn new digital tools. I use what I learn in my PBL coaching practice as I work with teachers, and also when working with students.

    This month, my goals are to learn 2-3 new digital tools, and to continue to develop my voice as a writer, especially in finding ways to authentically connect with my audience.

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