Pieces: A Study in Transmedia

Pieces by Anna Smith

Pieces by Anna Smith

Anna Smith (@anna_phd) is currently an IES postdoctoral fellow in writing and new learning ecologies at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign. She is fascinated with the learning pathways that people form across their lives. You can find the bulk of her digital writing online at developingwriters.org.

pieces: a study in transmedia

Like our learning, our digital writing stretches across and is informed by the stuff of our everyday lives–the things, ideas, and experiences that we make and which make us. We bring all that we are, were, and imagine ourselves and our world to be to a piece of digital writing, a piece that is dancing along its own pathway across media, platforms, intentions, world-views, etc.

Press play below to weave with me, to bring the pieces that are surfacing in your life in conversation with those that are materializing in mine. As a transmedia exploration, I hope you see the pieces you come across and the pathways you make as materials of/for composing–quite literally.

(Note from editor: be patient with the loading of this file. Anna’s immersive project has plenty of embedded media experiences. It’s worth the load time.)

I invite us to consider how in transmedia, it is not just media across which a piece moves, but also meanings, modalities, motives, persons, processes, pasts, etc. To contribute a piece to this study in transmedia, please add to this padlet.

An Activity: Make Writing … Digital

Tinker yourself with the beta version of the new online version of Twine, a free interactive story/writing platform, and create your own set of wanderings and evocations. How do the branches and connections within and without a story expand the notions of writing? Explore with Twine. Play your story.

We hope you will share your work across the various Digital Writing Month spaces that you inhabit. That could be right here at the Digital Writing Month blog; at your own blog or writing space; on Twitter with the #DigiWriMo hashtag; in the DigiWriMo Google Plus Community; at the DigiWriMo Facebook page; or wherever you find yourself writing digitally.