Who’s Running this Thing?

Maha-BaliMaha Bali (@Bali_Maha) is Associate Professor of Practice, Center for Learning and Teaching, American University in Cairo. A MOOCaholic, Tweetaholic (@bali_maha) and Writeaholic. She is co-founder of virtuallyconnecting.org because she loves meeting people, and co-founder and facilitator of edcontexts.org because she loves encouraging other writers in different contexts.
She writes a column for Hybrid Pedagogy where she is also an editor, and blogs at blog.mahabali.me.

slh gardenSarah Honeychurch (@NomadWarMachine) Sarah works for the University of Glasgow by day, and by night she hangs around the interwebz looking for fun and mischief. She blogs at nomadwarmachine. As well as talking about herself in the 3rd person, she likes to experiment with various tools and see what she can make and remix. She plays uke really badly, but unfortunately that does not stop her doing it in public at the slightest excuse (seriously – do not encourage her!).  She is also an avid knitter, and will probably make you a hat – whether you want one or not.


Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax) teaches sixth grade in Western Massachusetts and is the co-director for technology with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. He blogs at Kevin’s Meandering Mind and he is known for going off on various tangents as soon as they appear on the horizon, particularly if it has to do with writing and technology. He likes to play with stuff and with ideas, and he has been known to break things along the way. So, if your Internet breaks down during DiGiWriMo, feel free to blame Kevin.